Break out from Trade War . . .

During Crypto-winter time sine 2018, most of the traders are keep surviving by spending lots of time on the trading strategy to save their funds.
If you are an experienced trader, you could survive this time easily but others don’t.

So the question is

What is the easiest way to escape from this Trade War?



Among several methods, Copytrading is one of the best answers to choose.

Copytrading allows you to copy the same trades that pro investors do, at almost precisely the same time.

From the last update of CarbonRadars Version 2.0, Copytrading can only follow leaders in the Decentralized Exchange name IDEX.

Currently, we are preparing for the next update Version 3.0 in Q2 2019. In the next version, we’re planning to let users able to follow Leaders in Binance and give more chances to find Leaders. They will guide you the way they trade, and with the CarbonRadars. It enables the Copytrading to begin by connecting your wallet on Binance via API key and just tapping on follow!

Apart from that, we’re recruiting to be our Trade Leader in CarbonRadars.

If you’re an Active trader or a Profitable Trader, you might register and join us.

Trade Leader Registration

1. Please, go to

2. Click “ Leader Register”

3. Log in via Metamask

4. Fill out all information and get an API Key from Binance (Set option to “Read info” only)

5. Click “Register” and sign with Metamask, then you will get through the last page.

On the last page, you can copy the URL and spread your Leader status into Social networks.

What are Leader benefits?

When you become our Trade Leader, every making order either Buy or Sell will send to a follower by relay. After that, when followers make a profit from copytrade order by Leader. The Leader will get a reward from Followers in C8 token. This reward is calculated from profits in USD, then the relay will convert into C8 token at the same value.


Follower gains $100 profit from copytrade, then $20 of C8 token in their Ethereum Wallet will split 50:50 for Leader Wallet and CarbonRadars platform.

What is Follower benefits?

New to crypto? It’s doesn’t matter because you can learn from the Leader by copy the leader portfolio.
When your copytrade order is profits, only 20% of profits will be paid for Leader and CarbonRadars platform.

No more fundamental or technical, just follow the real trade activities. Choose the leader, then sit back, relax and enjoy the ride 🙂

What’s New!

    1. Connect your Binance account with CarbonRadars by using API Key (Set option Read info & Enable Trading” only) and find Leader to follow!
    2. New “Wallet quote” shows No. of Follower and Balanced in Binance
    3. “Trade Leader” radar, gather all the registered Leaders in this radar.
    4. Copytrade order will be proportional* from Leader’s portfolio value.

If the Leader’s portfolio value is $1000 but your portfolio value is $250. The copytrade order will be 1:4.
*For Decentralized Exchange, users can follow Leader Transaction by 1:1 ratio only.

With this thrive update, a follower could simply find more pro traders in Centralized Exchange.

Hurry up ! there’s nothing to worry about, just follow this link and register with us.

For more information, follow us at and stay tuned for more events.

Carboneum Team

*Investing is risky before making any decision investors must consider carefully before making any decision to invest. We recommend you to understand that investing can be highly speculative and carries a high risk.


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