To Carboneum community,

Thank you very much for always supporting Carboneum. After the ICO, we have launched CarbonRadars, the crypto analytic and trading platform. With the support from OKEx and Binance exchange, users are allowed to use copytrading feature.

Today we have a important announcement. Firstly, we are happy to announce that we have moved the C8 token to the UNISWAP platform and delist from IDEX. Uniswap is one of the most famous liquidity pools in the decentralized finance (DeFi) with its $119.0 M asset Locked in here. The liquidity pool (LP) is basically a public community for trading tokens without platform fees or middlemen. Also, the price between the trading pair is not important here.

Uniswap is a protocol on Ethereum for swapping ERC-20 tokens. They allow people to exchange their token with the pool without relying on buyers and sellers. They only need to pay the 0.3% trading fee back to the pool. So, everyone  who participated in providing liquidity will be shared this small reward. Moreover, every ERC-20 token can be listed on Uniswap. This is the truly public exchange for every crypto holder 🙂

Let’s get started!

Trade C8 at UNISWAP

  1. To trade C8 at UNISWAP, go to https://uniswap.info/pair/0x2d8499a4847e9aadcf42c01988806651b2f5912d 
  2. Click Trade,
  3. Connect your Ethereum Wallet (eg. Metamask) with UNISWAP.
  4. Enter the amount of ETH-C8 which you want to trade.
  5. Confirmed the transaction on Ethereum Wallet.
  6. All done! You’re good to go!

How can I be a C8 liquidity provider on UNISWAP?

To be a C8 liquidity provider, you need to deposit your C8 token into the pool equal to 1:1 of ETH. After that, you will receive a UNISWAP pool token which represents the amount of shares in C8-ETH pool. You will share the pool’s 0.3% trading fee between other liquidity providers. Pool tokens are also the ERC-20 which can be exchanged, moved to Ethereum Wallet. When you want to withdraw your funds from the pool, the pool tokens will be burned before sending your funds back to Ethereum Wallet. You may find many pools give different ROI. Please check it carefully for your best investment!

Risk Warning: Only you have access to your funds in the UNISWAP through your Ethereum wallet. Because of this, it’s important to note that if you lose access to the wallet that holds your token, the team will not have any way of retrieving your funds for you. As a best practice, keep your private wallet access information backed up and secured in a safe place in case of an emergency situation.


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