C8 PLUS Token Listing on Zipmex

We are really excited to announce that the team will list the new project “C8 PLUS (C8P)”:  DeFi farming token. The C8 PLUS is listed on Zipmex exchange and it will be available in Indonesia and Singapore market with the USDT trading pair on 9 OCT 2020 For the Thailand market, the C8P will be available soon. 

C8P plugging the DeFi market to the traditional investor. Saving crypto assets on DeFi can give better returns than normal interest rate up to 10 % on their digital assets but it depends on the number of transactions on UNISWAP. C8P brings the DeFi yield farming experience to the newcomer of the crypto market. 

You can register with Zipmex through this link https://zipmex.com/ 

Starting from 1 USDT, you can enjoy the DeFi farming experience!

Carboneum Team would like to thank you for the support and will do our best to deliver the best investment experience to our community.

To find out more about C8 PLUS, please visit our website >>> 

For more information,

Website: CarbonRadars.io

Medium: Carboneum.io

Carboneum connect: https://connect.carboneum.io/ 

Telegram: https://t.me/carboneum_c8

Leader Registration: https://carbonradars.io/leader/login

stay tuned for more events.

Carboneum Team

*Investing is risky. Before making any decision, investors must consider carefully. We recommend you to understand that investing can be highly speculative and carries a high risk.


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