CARBONEUM — News Update IV

CARBONEUM — News Update IV

Here a brief update of the most recent and relevant Carboneum news. Keep tune by following Carboneum official channels: Telegram, Facebook, Twitter and Reddit.


This week Carboneum officially announced a strategic partnership with LATOKEN exchange ( a rapidly growing crypto exchange focusing on liquidity for new tokens with:

● $25m daily turnover
● More than 75,000 registered traders
● 90+ crypto pairs available for trading
● Top 50 on Coinmarketcap in July 2018

Besides crypto trading, LATOKEN users can participate in selected Tokens Sales at pre-sale and crowdsale stages.

The strategic partnership responds to Carboneum’s aim to be allied with all key digital asset and cryptocurrency exchanges, making it a go-to platform for digital assets and cryptocurrencies enthusiasts, to ensure seamless and borderless experience for digital assets and cryptocurrency investment for everyone.


Having finished our Crowdsale, we have distributed all C8 tokens to all of our investors. During the token sale, we have sold 51,456,405.8707442 C8 tokens, while the unsold number of tokens was 68,543,594.1292558, all of which were burnt on 08.08.18. Please do note that tokens we reserved for private sales were also burnt along with these tokens as the sales could not be completed in time.

Now we are working on marketing and PR activities. At this stage, the main goal is to attract more users to our platform, especially from our existing users in StockRadars (680,000 downloads and 4.8M users via LINE Finance). We have already received very positive feedback from many of our users and partners. We will start to educate cryptocurrency trading market through our media and introduce them to CarbonRadars.


On 28th — 29th July we had the opportunity to meet with Carboneum Community in Bangkok at both Hybrid Summit and the Crypto Night Networking Party. Summing up, more and more crypto enthusiastic are showing real interest on Carbonem while join the project. At the Crypto Night, a friendly and vibrant mod prevailed during the meeting making the networking a unique opportunity to connect with Carboneum community. Hence, along with our technical and strategic goal lies the aim to strengthen the community and make it better active and participative.


Having finish public sale, we are focusing our attention on keeping our roadmap on track and working with ICON for both technical development and business expansion. However, all our attention is on preparing Carboneum first launch, this upcoming October: CarbonRadars, crypto information and analytics platform. We keep working hard on meeting our goals and reaching the expectations of both our community and investors.