Carboneum PLUS (C8P) Performance Report

As we developed the Carboneum further to the C8 PLUS (C8P), it helped people seize the value of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) with the simple and easy approach. C8P enhances the way to become a DeFi yield farmer in a short time. Once users purchase C8P, the smart contract will add funds into the Liquidity Pool on various Decentralized Exchanges. C8P Holders simply hold the C8P and get a return in the form of capital gain instead of hand-operating through a crypto wallet. 

Moreover, beginners may find a high barrier to entry Decentralized Finance (DeFi) because of high transaction fees on the Ethereum network (ETH), $20 – $100 per transaction. Therefore, C8P is the alternative way to easily access DeFi for everyone. 

First, the Stable coin is the most interesting asset on the Liquidity Pool (USDT-USDC pair) because the pricing stability and high liquidity makes the token price less fluctuate rather than other Liquidity Pools ($53m as of 7 April 2021). The result from Stable coin is highly satisfying. It provides approximately 5 – 30 % APY (rate varies according to the amount of transaction traffic). The C8P NAV goes up from $1 to $1.0795 refers to 16.8% APY since 1 November 2020. 

We plan to expand the Liquidity Pool for C8P on Binance Smart Chain. There are several DeFi platforms providing greater potential and return than Stable Coin Pool such as Pancake Swap, Warden Swap, AutoFarm et cl. Additionally, The Binance Smart Chain network requires a lower operation fee than the ETH network which are great opportunities for our team to explore or develop other DeFi products. 

On the other hand, C8P focuses on serving the ease of use of DeFi and lowering the risk for our users. Then, we precisely manage the proportion of the Unstable coin pool. 

For Carboneum holders, We reserve some revenue from the C8P vault and distribute it to the C8 Liquidity Pool. For those who stake the C8-ETH LP on Carboneum Staking, you can unstake immediately and rewards will be delivered to your “Wallet Address”.

We will keep exploring the opportunity from the DeFi farming market and we will keep you updated from the Performance Report.

Happy Investing : )


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