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To Carboneum community,

The Carboneum project aims to ease the investment experience for traditional investors. We have launched the crypto analytic and social trading platform for cryptocurrency named “CarbonRadars”. With CarbonRadars, users can copytrade expert traders on centralized and decentralized exchanges by using a Carboneum token as a fee when the profit trade occurs. Unfortunately, the crypto market has not expanded after the launch that much. To be more specific, the number of active users in decentralized exchange is very low. Only 733 daily active users are trading on IDEX (as of August 2020). Moreover, the complex use case of the blockchain industry is a pain point for the majority. We found many feedbacks from our users about how hard of a procedure they need to complete before they can start copytrading on CarbonRadars.  Although the DeFi is a very exciting area in the crypto world, it still seems to be impossible for traditional investors to get access to its value. 

This is the reason why we develop the Carboneum further to the C8 PLUS (C8P) project. Also, while we wait for the shift from centralized to decentralized experience, we found a big gap between these two experiences and that is why we think C8P can be the bridge to let people be able to join the value of DeFi. The project will help the majority to invest and be accessible to the crypto market. The token will act as a bridge between centralized and decentralized experience. We realized that to get to a bigger group of users, it needs to be something very simple and easy to understand more about the decentralized experience.

C8 PLUS (C8P) is the underlying collateral token backed with a liquidity pool token held inside of the C8P vault. The liquidity pool (LP) is basically a public community for trading tokens without platform fees or middlemen. The highest trading volume per month of a decentralized exchange is held in UNISWAP which accounted for over 2 billion dollars (as of August 2020). Furthermore, there are more liquidity pool protocols in the crypto market which we need to explore further such as Curve Finance or Balancer. After we have looked through the UNISWAP protocol, we are interested in the USDT-USDC pool and its safety which can provide a high return on investment along with the low-risk price impact. USDT-USDC liquidity pool has 6 million dollars liquidity locked in there. It provides approx. 20-40% annual (rate vary according to the amount of swap traffic). Anyway, we may shift to another liquidity pool protocol depending on some factors such as safety, liquidity, %APY.   Thus, we will develop a new way for a new investment experience for any investors who want to invest in the liquidity pool by just purchasing the C8P token.  

For Carboneum holders, you can get a small reward from adding C8 and Ethereum into the UNISWAP and bringing the Liquidity pool token to stake it with us. After the C8P vault receives commission fee, we will spare 50% of the commission fee and send it to anyone who stakes LP token (C8 and Ether) in our staking site. For more information on staking, we will announce more details within Q42020. Thanks for supporting us, we hope that C8 Plus will improve your investment experience.

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*Investing is risky. Before making any decision, investors must consider carefully. We recommend you to understand that investing can be highly speculative and carries a high risk.


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