CarbonRadars is lifted! Copytrading, now on OKEx!

Let’s recap …

For years since we’ve launched the project, we would like to recap you about what and how we are developing the project so far. Carboneum is an open protocol, with a decentralized platform for social trading & analytics for Cryptocurrency named CarbonRadars, and its own utility token (C8) that is used for encouraging people to help each other to succeed in their investment. Our goal is to level the playing field and democratize investment for everyone. Also, we aim to alleviate the gap between new investors and pro investors by making our platform as simple as we can. Basically, CarbonRadars features are built to help a new Crypto trader without learning a complexity technical in the market. With CarbonRadars, you can follow pro traders and use Copytrading to trade exactly the same as pros do.

Now it’s time to bring you a new Copytrading experience on OKEx!!!

What is Copytrading?

Copytrading allows you to virtually “peer over the shoulder” of an experienced trader, using all their wisdom to make trades without spending time on studying. Using our innovative system, CarbonRadars automatically tracks cryptocurrency trades and precisely mirrors them in your own account. For the experienced traders, Copytrading could make you a little side income because every profitable trade will charge a fee from the follower and sent back to the leader. Of course, that means if you follow a bad investor, you could lose your Cryptos. But if your leader makes a good trade…? 🙂

Our Journey 

In the latest update, CarbonRadars version 5.0, we have successfully connected our API key with OKEx. This update plus Copytrading can thrive your experience in Crypto to the next step and help you to succeed more than ever before. 

Challenges in the project.

There is a range of challenges in our project. Firstly, the big crash in 2018s made Crypto market into a Crypto winter period. This makes several investors have left the market and no newcomer to the market during this Crypto winter, which in turn, the decreased in trading volume in every exchange. 

While the world is waiting for Crypto to become mainstream, we keep developing our platform to help investors to invest. Anyway, we are not only stop here but also keep exploring for further use case of Carboneum.

Regulation also one of the biggest challenge that we’re facing. Social trading is not allow yet in many countries. Anyway, we do believe that regulation are more likely to be open.

How can I start?

For now, we have connected the API key with two famous Crypto-exchange, Binance and OKEx. These two exchanges have a high daily trading volume and more than 50 pairs of currencies, which in turn, resulted in Active and powerful traders hiding in there. You couldn’t imagine how many whales are living in those streams of currencies! With our technologies, we bring traders into your hand. All you need to do is just follow some easy steps.

  1. Load Carboneum tokens into your Ethereum wallet. Also, load your funds in an Exchange wallet, mostly used for Copytrading are Bitcoin or Ethereum. Anyway, it depends on which currency pair the Leader is trading.
  2. Connect Ethereum Wallet with CarbonRadars
  3. Connect your exchange API key with CarbonRadars
  4. Browse through our power analytic tool “Leader Radars” Then, find some impressive Leaders and follow them. (one Leader per time)
  5. Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.

Where can I get a Carboneum token?

Carboneum token is like fuel in our ecosystem. When the copytrade order is completely profit, the relay will partially deduct C8 from your Ethereum wallet as same as the number of profits (in USD). Then, it will be sent to the leader and the platform.  So, you should load some C8 in your Ethereum wallet before Copytrading.

Now, you might be wondering  “Where can I get a Carboneum token?”

The Carboneum token is available in the IDEX market. You can trade them in the exchange and load it to your Ethereum wallet. Also, you can redeem our token from airdrop which we will occasionally give it for you when we are on special events.


When you’re ready to invest the smarter way with Crypto, download CarbonRadars.

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stay tuned for more events.

Carboneum Team

*Investing is risky. Before making any decision, investors must consider carefully. We recommend you to understand that investing can be highly speculative and carries a high risk.


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