CopyTrading: A New Way to Invest

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CarbonRadars version 2.0

If you had a magic lamp, what would you do?

Most people would ask for a new car, house, submarine, or relationship…

But if you ask any serious investor, you know what they’ll say?

I wish I knew about that killer opportunity before anyone else did!

Copytrading allows you to trade exactly how you would…

  •       …If you had put thousands of hours into your trading education… watching charts and news until your eyes bleed…
  •       … If you had poured hundreds of thousands of dollars into bad investment after bad investment, praying for alpha
  •       … and if you had the steel will to pull the trigger on in investment when everyone around you says you’re crazy…

But you’re a smart cookie.

You know that you can get the same education and experience (including knowing what not to do for free.)

That’s right.

Copytrading allows you to copy the exact same trades that pro investors do, at almost precisely the same time.

Using our innovative system, CarbonRadars automatically tracks cryptocurrency trades, and mirrors them in your own account.

Of course, that means if you follow a bad investor, you’ll lose your crypto. But if your leader makes a good trade… one that no one else was able to see?

Well that’s better than a magic genie could wish for.

What is Copytrading?

Copytrading allows you to virtually “peer over the shoulder” of an experienced trader, using all their wisdom to make trades without spending time studying.

(And if you are that experienced trader, it allows you to make a tidy little side income.)

Profit-taking trades charge a fee to the follower, and put that money back in the pocket of the leader, as well as the CarbonRadars development team.

How it Works?

First, connect your Ethereum wallet with the CarbonRadars app by using your wallet’s Mnemonic Phrase.

After that, browse through our powerful Radars: a unique analytics tool which tracks your favorite tokens and traders.

Found a trader you like? Simply tap “Follow” and you’ll automatically execute the orders from the master trader. Because this uses a smart contract, an Operation fee will be deducted.

Copytrading lets you “outsource” the work to professional and semi-pro traders so that you can realize trades faster, and with more success than ever before.

When you’re ready to invest the smarter way with crypto, download CarbonRadars.


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