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Crypto trading and investing seem to be as prevalent as stock trading and investing. Crypto investments and trading have become one of the most popular instruments to park the investors’ money after the recent advancements in blockchain technology and wide acceptance of cryptocurrencies. Though, the issues associated with current crypto trading and investing framework and little or no knowledge of crypto asset management are two of the most crucial factors that prevent the traders from jump into it.  However, the number of mobile apps and web apps are currently in the development stage that offers a convenient, reliable and safe way to trade and invest with various cryptocurrencies. It solves the problem of trading and investment framework. Knowledge to trade and invest in crypto is another factor that not only prevents investors from trading but also fails them and burns the holes in their pockets. So, what to do if you want to engage in the future trend of crypto investment and trading?

The answer is simple and it is nothing but a mobile app called CarbonRadars, a cryptocurrency investment and trading app that makes the investments easy for everyone. CarbonRadars is fully packed with features that not only optimize your trading skills but also help you to engage in acquiring required crypto trading and investment knowledge. The application also seems to be the perfect starting point for the investors and traders who have never made any single crypto trade and investments as it allows its users to utilize the social trading or copy trading feature. Let’s discover and review the CarbonRadars on the basis of convenience, reliability, safety, and other related features.

CarbonRadars – The easiest way to trade and invest in crypto
CarbonRadars is created by the same team that developed the StockRadaras, Thailand’s most popular and convenient stock trading and analyzing app. Having strong roots in financial industry the team knows exactly what investors are looking for and how to make things easy for them by getting their hands on some of the world-class trading features they have never seen before. StockRadars has not only made the investing and trading easy but also taken it to another level. With said that they are planning to do the same thing when it comes to crypto trading and investing. CarbonRadars is packed with all the basic feature that a trader and investor need adding with some of the finest and specifically developed features that no crypto trading application has ever witnessed.

Enter the world of crypto investing and trading with CarbonRadars
Created with the ultimate of making the crypto trading and investing easy for everyone, from casual traders to regular investors, CarbonRadars is designed to cater all sort of individuals. It is the on-the-go application that allows you to execute your orders within your fingertips(in Q1/2019). Moreover, likewise any other trading application it also contains all the basic charts, cryptoanalysis, news, buy and sell signals etc. but the unparallel features of this app is something that makes it stand out of the crowd. These features will be discussed later. The best thing is that all the app, including all the premium features, is completely free to use.

The basic features

  • Highly interactive and user-friendly mobile app to trade at your fingertips
  • Mobile analytics and investment & trade insight
  • Custom alerts
  • Contain news and research section

Why CarbonRadars?
Out of numerous reasons for choosing CarbonRadars here we present some of the most remarkable features of CarbonRadars that make it suitable crypto trading and investing app for everyone.

Horn your trading skills and investment strategy with CarbonRadars

CarbonRadars allows its users to become ‘Follower’ traders who are supposed to follow that ‘Leader’ traders in order to receive the trade calls and investment strategies. Everyone on the CarbonRadars platform can adapt & learn from the trade strategies and investment analysis executed by the professional traders and investors. You can even copy the trade or duplicate the investment strategy to gain the maximum profit. This feature will help you to understand the certain aspect of trading and make you a better investor and trader as days pass.

 Maximize the gains and minimize the loses
The CarbonRadars app allows its user to create strict and automatic stop loss with every transaction which comes into effect when the price reaches a certain pre-set price. You can set implement the stop loss during both placing buying and selling orders. The safety-belt feature of CarbonRadars is designed with an aim to minimize the loss for investors even when they are not observing the market staying up all night long.

Learn from the giants
CarbonRadars has a unique feature called ‘Whale watcher’ which allows you to dwell deep into the portfolio of the true “whales” of the investment world. These whales are experts who manage the millions of dollar worth digital currencies. You can simply follow these whales and keep keen eyes on each and every single trade executed by them. Needless to say, it is one of the best ways to learn and earn at the same time. Moreover, the users will also be rewarded fairly with Carboneum tokens (native currency of CarbonRadars platform) when certain traders are executed and make profits.

Get the best crypto investment signals
The app has built-in Radars which are designed to broadcast the investment and trade signals backed by an accurate and crystal clean data & analysis. Radars give information out regarding the performance of various cryptocurrencies. For i.e. cryptocurrencies which are outperforming the market, which are lagging, and which are likely to change direction in the coming days. You can also use Ethereum Whale watcher and trade master to conduct your own research and execute the trade.

Trade Master – door to success
Recently added, the trade master, the most powerful radar let you have the glimpse of the most profitable trader wallets from the last 30 days. With trade master, you can identify the most profitable trades and investment strategies executed by the experts. You can even follow their trade calls and place your own order confidently without requiring any prior knowledge of crypto trading. Moreover, you will also get chance to analyze their past track records and other historical data to consolidate the fact that you are not looking at a just one-time fluke but an erudite investor or trader with profitable track records.

Detailed analysis and crypto charts at your fingertips
Get all the price charts and other details you need right at your fingertips. CarbonRadars allows you to have look at the price charts of various cryptocurrencies and research & recent news broke out on the way. You don’t have to sit tight and focus your eyes on the laptop screen to get the frequent update of price changes. You can also keep a track of your favorite cryptocurrencies. You can favorite any wallet, radar, and coin and have look at it quickly on the go.

News and research & Cryptoon Comics
CarbonRadars has an integrated news and research feature that allows the users to receive important updates from all the sources such as Coindesk, Medium, Cointelegraph, etc. straight to your eyeballs.  Cryptoons comics is another exclusive feature of CarbonRadars that allows users to learn about the latest advances in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

This isn’t all! The complete roadmap of Carboneum is available on our website. You can see all the upcoming features along with significant advancements. CarbonRadars is also on its way to launch its copytrading feature in Q1/2019 where Carboneum protocol will be used for investors to use C8 tokens as the mean of receiving fees and rewards.


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