Getting Start to Copytrade with CarbonRadars.

After we’ve updated our latest version of CarbonRadars, Social trading & analytics platform for cryptocurrency.

Before we start, there some things you need to prepare.

  1. Ethereum Wallet (e.g. Metamask, MyEtherWallet, Toshi Wallet, Imtoken or Trust wallet) 
    *Make sure you have some Ethers and C8 in this Wallet to pay for Carboneum fee, you can either buy or sell C8 tokens at IDEX exchange for now*
  2. Funds in your Binance Account*
    You might be curious, “What coin should I deposit?”, We suggest to have a look at Radar first, then click into Leader balance you will see the main coin in their balance. 
    This could help you make a decision about coins you should deposit into your Binance account 
    *Deposit & Withdraw by yourself*
  3. Binance API key

1. Click here to login on Binance

2. Enter API key label, “CarbonRadars”, Click Create API key.

3. Confirmed Create in your registered email.

4. You will see API Key and Secret Key, Choose “Read info” and “Enable trading”, then using QR code or copy and paste to CarbonRadars application.

Note. Secret Key will show only once time please store in a secured place.

Remove API key from CarbonRadars.

1.Click here to login on Binance

2. At CarbonRadars label. Click “ Delete” on the right hand side. Then, click “ Yes” to confirm.

3. Done !

After you have done,

  1. Open CarbonRadars.
  2. Connect your Ethereum Wallet via Mnemonic phrase, then set a passcode.
  3. Connect your Binance API key.
  4. Find Binance trade Leader on Radars, tapping follow.
  5. Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride!

For more information, 
Carboneum connect:
Leader Registration:
Download App:

stay tuned for more events.

Carboneum Team

*Investing is risky before making any decision investors must consider carefully before making any decision to invest. We recommend you to understand that investing can be highly speculative and carries a high risk.


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