Staking Carboneum Token is ready!: A complete guide for staking C8-ETH Liquidity pool token

Staking Carboneum Token is ready!: A complete guide for staking C8-ETH Liquidity pool token

After we have launched the C8 PLUS token, the token brings the DeFi experience and increases the financial inclusion for everyone who holds the C8P token. You can get the returns from UNISWAP by just holding the C8P.  As we would like to extend the DeFi farming experience and make it more accessible for Carboneum (C8) token holders, a 50% accrued fee from the USDC-USDT liquidity pool was reserved for the staking program. We bring the alternative DeFi experience to the Carboneum holders by staking the Liquidity pool token and get the reward!

Where to start?

To get the C8-ETH Liquidity pool token, you need to provide liquidity in the C8-ETH Pool on UNISWAP platform. After that, you will get the C8-ETH LP. The LP token indicates the amount of your shares in C8-ETH pool.

Since, you hold the LP token in your wallet (Metamask only). Browse to our website, you will see “Staking” on the right hand side of the screen. Just click on it!

Stake, Unstake and Reward distribution 

After you have unlocked your wallet, click on “stake” to start staking the C8-ETH LP token. You can unstake the token any time you desire. Reward Claiming can be done by the staker every distribution date*. 

As it was mentioned before that the team reserved 50% of the accrued fee from being the liquidity provider in the USDC-USDT pool on UNISWAP platform. So, the reward will depend on the number of transactions in the USDC-USDT pool. 

Rewards will be distributed every settlement time which will be shown on the staking site ( . Staking needs to be done before the distribution date. After the distribution date has passed, if one does not claim the reward by 8 days, it will automatically return to the pool for the next distribution round.

Click “Claim” to receive the reward into your Metamask Wallet. Please note that every time you stake or unstake the LP token, the contract will automatically claim the reward for you.

Download Manual: Manual C8-ETH Staking

You can start staking the C8-ETH LP token from now on. Happy new Year 2021 to everyone. Please enjoy the DeFi farming experience with us 🙂

*This staking site is on a pilot phase. The reward and distribution date may be subject to change, depending on the circumstances.


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