Commission fee Explanation


Operation fee use for token transaction between your “My Wallet” and “My Copytrade Wallet” (deposit and withdraw). It also pays for a smart contract when User follow a Leader. This operation fee is for IDEX exchange. Operation fee is separated into 2 parts:

  • Deposit / Withdrawal fee from Wallet and Copy trade wallet. *When User deposits tokens, Withdrawal fee is included.
  •  Transaction fee for activating a smart contract which will deduct when you follow or unfollow Leader. *This fee is very small amount.


Carboneum fee is for CarbonRadars and the Leader (50:50 share). This fee will deduct from “My Wallet” after every CopyTrade order are completely buy or sell*.

Carboneum will automatically deduct Carboneum tokens from “My Wallet”. The Carboneum fee is 8 ** C8 tokens which will split 50:50 for the Leader wallet and CarbonRadars wallet (platform).


* You will receive notify when your CopyTrade order are completely buy or sell.

**In this version, Carboneum fee is 8 C8 token regardless of gain or loss trade. This rate will be only for the first phase and can be changed to charge only for profit trading in the future.

***In this phase Copytrading will copy 1:1 order from leader so it might gain or loss in investment. If User does not have enough ETH or Tokens as a leader transaction, Copytrade will not be performed. For example, if Leader buy 5 AURA before User copy his/her trade. Then User copy his/her trade and Leader buy another 5 AURA, User will have 5 AURA while Leader already have 10 AURA in his wallet. When Leader sell 10 AURA, User can not copy this transaction because Use does not have 10 AURA and CarbonRadars will send push notification to notify that User does not have enough AURA to copy the Leader transaction. User might need to sell AURA manually by transferring AURA back to Wallet and sell in other exchange.

****Investing is risky before making any decision investor must consider carefully before making any decision to invest. We recommend you to understand that investing can be highly speculative and carries high risk.


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