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CarbonRadars, the cryptocurrency app that makes investing easy for everyone, is available now.

Most cryptocurrency apps are difficult to use, and require a lot of technical knowledge. But we believe that with a little motivation, anyone can understand and trade cryptocurrency.

We’re happy to announce that CarbonRadars, the new app for iOS and Android makes that possible.

Our first goal building CarbonRadars is to democratize investing by making it easy for anyone to trade with the same powerful tools that experts use.

Previously, it’s been difficult to get reliable information about the crypto markets, and exchanges haven’t made it easier. Wading through tons of complicated terms and spreadsheets might be great if you’re a full-time analyst, but most of us just want to make profitable trades and get on with our lives.

We realized traders need better tools to analyze their trades, as well as identify potential opportunities.

Find the Best Crypto Investments in Seconds

You’re in a hurry, and don’t have time to check your investments every day.

That’s why CarbonRadars highlights the information you do need to know in a clear and accurate way.

We do that mainly through Radars, which are the custom intelligence and analysis layers that help you identify the best performing investment opportunities.

Radars let you see at a glance which cryptocurrencies are outperforming the market, which are lagging, and which are likely to change direction in the coming days.

One of our most powerful Radars is called Trade Master, which shows the most profitable trader wallets from the last 30 days.

With Trade Master Radars, you can add these top performing wallets to your favorites watchlist. Track their performance and use the insight to make your own trades.

By identifying traders with outperforming wallets, you can confidently follow their trades, and take advice from the best without extensive knowledge or reading required!

You’ll also get historical data for these wallets, so you know if you’re looking at a one-time lucky accident, or a trader with a long track-record of success.

Want to know more about any wallet? Simply tap on it to find out what coins they hold, as well as how long they’ve been trading.

Another Radars we love shows the most active tokens traded in the past 30 days, so you’ll know what the hottest tokens are right now.

And one thing to look forward to: in the future, you’ll be able to connect your exchange account, and copy trades directly using the powerful Carboneum platform.

Those of you who purchased during our token pre-sale can also use your C8 tokens to buy StockRadars premium features, t-shirts, USB gadgets, and more.

Powerful Insight in Seconds

In addition to Radars, you’ll be able to track the performance of any ERC20 wallet, as well as any of the top 100 coins trading today.

This knowledge lets you “spy on” other traders, getting access to knowledge you can’t find anywhere else.

For instance, according to our preliminary research, we learned that the best-performing portfolios hold between seven and twelve coins at any given time.

Insights like this are easy with CarbonRadars!

A Team Dedicated to Investing for Everybody

CarbonRadars is created by the same team behind StockRadars, Thailand’s leading stock trading and analysis app for over 4 years. With strong connections and backing in the financial industry, we know not only what investors need, but how to make your life easier.

We believe investing should be easy for everyone, whether that’s cryptocurrency or common stock.

Now we’re building CarbonRadars based on your suggestions and advice. If you have any features you want to see to make trading better, let us know!

Download Now

With these powerful features available in a mobile app, CarbonRadars aims to be the go-to cryptocurrency analysis platform for users of all levels — from casual traders to more experience investors,

Best of all, CarbonRadars is completely free to use.

  • Mobile analytics and insight.
  • Alerts on coin movement.
  • News from the top crypto gurus.
  • Completely free.

Download CarbonRadars today in the App Store and Play Store, and see how easy investing can be.


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